Working at Home with Kids: Myths vs. Reality

If you’ve never worked at home with a young child in the house you probably have some ideas about how it would work – and you’d most likely be wrong! So, let’s debunk some of the common myths surrounding working at home with a young child (or children!) in the house:

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  Myth Reality
Mixing a baby or toddler and work My work hours will be regular and undisturbed, as I’ll work when my child naps. You’ll be squeezing your work into snips of time when your child is playing, since napping could be in short bursts of time or on an inconsistent schedule.
Perceptions of others People will take my home business seriously. Many people will think that since you work at home you have lots of free time on your hands.
Phone calls I’ll make calls while my child is sleeping or occupied. The minute you get on a phone call your child will wake up or need your undivided attention.
Daytime apparel I can wear sweats to work every day. Someone will stop by when you least expect it. Also, you may find that you’re happier if you style your hair and wear something attractive and neat, being too casual can sometimes make you feel lazy.
Household chores I can catch up on housekeeping and gardening between work projects. Maybe. But more likely, catching up on your business tasks between child care duties will keep you busy until bedtime.
Scheduling I’ll create and follow a daily routine. You’ll need to be more flexible than you’ve ever been before.
Solitude Working at home can be lonely. When working at home you’re never alone.
Interruptions My toddler’s demands will put stress on me. You may look forward to and enjoy your time with your toddler. You may find it’s comforting to work when your little one is playing nearby.
Success I’m not sure I can be successful at work a at home business. Once you find your rhythm it may be the best work decision you’ve ever made.

Now that you know more of the reality, here are 7 Questions you should ask yourself if you are considering Working at Home. 

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