As a mom of four, two boys and two girls, I know firsthand that raising children is a unique experience every day. Our children bring us a level of joy, and a depth of love, that nothing else in our history has prepared us for. They change us as human beings, and we can never go back to who we were before they entered our lives.

Elizabeth Pantley and Family

Elizabeth Pantley & Family

We love our children intensely, and they bring us a level of happiness that nothing else in life can compare to. Yet everyday life raising children can be challenging, confusing, frustrating and exhausting. All day, every day, there are so many things we must get our children to do — or stop from doing. Beginning with getting them out of bed in the morning, and ending with putting them to bed at night . . . and very often, not even then. . . our job involves an incredible amount of organization, guidance, direction, decision and connection. And all of that requires a brilliance and stamina that we never knew we possessed, but somehow must find within ourselves.

I spend my time surrounded by parents, children and families. I’ve worked with thousands of “Test Parents” from all over the world during my book writing process, and have shared email friendships with thousands more. And of course, I have my very own “laboratory” in my home. So I have a very good idea of the top issues that all parents share. I research the best answers that support positive, nurturing, “No-Cry” parenting ideals and share those answers with my readers in my books, on my website, and on my blog.

no cry solution books translations

Some of the translations of The No-Cry Sleep Solution

I hope that I can help you to find the solutions to the parenting challenge that you are facing today, and provide you with encouragement and support as you raising your family. Welcome to the club!

~ Elizabeth Pantley