7 Questions: Should You Work at Home?

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  1. Absolutely true!! Working at home is a complete challenge, and I think we have to think it well before taking this decition! In my case, I tried to see some of my patients at home and didn´t work for me, but I have known several psychologist who have actually done it pretty well. Elizabeth´s questions are a wonderful way to figure it out if this will or won´t work for you. The important thing is not to guilt our inocent children for the mess at home or because our work takes longer than it should be. Thanks Elizabeth!

  2. The hardest part about working at home for me was getting over the mess! I’ve always had a spotless house and even after my little one was born, the mess would be cleaned every night before bed.
    Now that I’m working (and upgrading my education and TEACHING homeschool) at home I have had to learn to just let go of the mess. My tile floors collect dust bunnies, my kitchen sink could use a good scrub and there are toys everywhere…but I get don’t what is necessary and I no longer have to put my son in daycare or kindergarten – which I never wanted to do – so that I can go to work.
    Some days the dirt gets me down, and on those days I do a big spic and span clean so I can relax, but most of the time I let it slide!
    It was definitely a hurdle, but it was worth it for me!

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