4 Reasons that White Noise Improves Baby’s Sleep

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White noise sounds are steady, unobtrusive, relaxing sounds, such as rainfall, ocean waves or a mother’s heartbeat. White noise can help many babies to relax and fall asleep more easily – and stay asleep longer.

Here are four reasons why it works.

1) Creates a womb-like sound.

The womb is not a quiet place! There was a constant symphony of sound. (Remember those whooshing sounds from when you listened to your baby’s heartbeat?) Because of this prenatal history, these sounds create an environment more familiar to your baby than an extremely quiet room.

Louis 7 months

Louis 7 months

2) White noise is soothing.

Have you ever fallen asleep to the sound of a fan, or the rumble of waves? For many people this is a soothing way to nod off. This is because it reduces audio clutter, distracting you with an almost hypnotic beat and helping you to tune out sounds and thoughts that can keep you awake..

3) Consistent use of white noise becomes a sleep cue.

If you use the same exact sounds for every nap and nighttime it becomes a familiar cue that lets your baby know its sleeping time. If you use the sounds as soon as you notice signs of tiredness it can lull your baby to sleep.

4) White noise masks other noises.

The level and type of noise that disrupts sleep is different for each child. Some children can sleep through a fire alarm siren, but some are awakened by the slightest noise. Many babies wake up when they hear kitchen sounds, siblings playing or dogs barking. White noise sounds can mask these outside noises and prevent them from waking your baby.

Noah 14 months

Noah 14 months

What kind of White Noise?

Whatever you choose, be sure you will be happy listening to it for many months – or even years – to come. There are lovely, “nature sounds” recordings that work nicely, as well as small sound-generating or white-noise devices and clocks. The sounds on these — raindrops, a bubbling brook or running water – can be very pleasant. A ticking clock and a bubbling fish tank also make wonderful white-noise options. You can find some suitable recordings made especially for babies, or those made for adults to listen to when they want to relax.

White noise can be a magic answer for improved sleep for babies, children (and even adults!) You can even leave it on for an entire nap and even all night long. These peaceful sounds are just one more piece in the puzzle that helps you to help your child sleep better – gently, without any crying at all.

Madelyn 21 months

Madelyn 21 months

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