How to Instantly Stop a Child from Whining

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Has a child EVER stopped whining because a parent said, “Stop whining!”? I doubt it!

A demand or a plea won’t stop the whining. And telling a child what not to do rarely works. What does work? Modeling and coaching.

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When your child is whining, they are trying to communicate something. Here’s how to find out what that is, and how to help them to curb their whine.

Get kid-level: eye-to-eye. Keep your demeanor calm and your voice peaceful. Then give your child a blueprint to follow. Here’s the script:

“Can you take a big breath? Good. Now say, ‘Mama, can I please have . . .” Pause. Wait for them to gain control and start to talk.

If they are very upset, you might have to do this twice, or even three times.

Once they repeat, they might be able to finish the sentence. If they can’t, see if you can guess and give them the words. “Mama, can I please have the yellow cup?” If you’re wrong, that might be enough to get them talking! 

You child is still learning how to master their emotions. (Aren’t we all???) So instead of being critical, or expecting more than your child is capable of, try coaching.

It’s amazing how quickly and peacefully this can work to stop a child from whining and teach them how to communicate their needs calmly.

These tips are from The No-Cry Discipline Solution

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