Which Expert Should You Trust about your Newborn?

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It’s remarkable, but true – your baby is born with a distinct personality that exists from the moment of birth. Babies are similar in their actions and needs, but they are not all exactly alike. Even two children born to the same parents on the same day – twins! – can be very different from each other.  Your newborn baby is a unique person with likes and dislikes, emotions and feelings. Your most important job in these early weeks is to get to know your unique and precious baby.

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Listen to Your Instincts and Your Baby 

This new little person relies on you for every single little thing. Your baby cannot exist without you, and you are the key to safety and happiness. Yet your infant cannot even tell you exactly what they need in words. However, even though it may not feel like it quite yet – you have some pretty whopping significant instincts when it comes to caring for your very own baby. You have within you the ability to tune into your child and understand your baby’s special brand of communication, and from that, you can fulfill your newborn’s specific needs and have a happier, more peaceful baby.

As a brand-new parent, you have a brand-new job. 

Your baby doesn’t arrive with an owner’s manual – it’s completely on-the-job training. It’s easy to become confused because there are so many people, books, articles and “experts” throwing their advice your way. There is a lot of good advice out there, but there is also plenty of hogwash.  

If you listen to everyone else’s opinions, you can easily drown out your own inner voice and those powerful instincts. It can be incredibly helpful for you to quiet the outside storms, take a deep breath, and listen to your gut instincts. Because when it comes to your own baby, you are the expert. YOU know your newborn best.

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