What Is Separation Anxiety?

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  1. Ok – this may sound nuts but I keep reading so much about how separation anxiety is healthy and shows that your baby has bonded with you and I’m getting nervous because my 37 week old son is not exhibiting any signs at all! He’s perfectly happy with me, his Dad, my mom, the babysitter or the women at the gym daycare. I’m glad that he’s such a happy baby boy, don’t get me wrong – I just worry that I’m missing something.

    • Not to worry! Some babies just seem to love everyone and will happily greet all kinds of new people. It’s just personality. That said, your baby may one day do a complete and total shift and develop separation anxiety. That is normal, too – so keep your eyes open and guide him lovingly if/when this happens.

  2. My 4nth old will not let me out her down to sleep everytime I out her down she wakes right up, or 20 minutes later. I haven’t slept in months. Could this be seperation anxiety? She only wants me when she wakes in the night if my hubby gets her she screams bloody murder and pulls his chest hairs out. I don’t no hovers get her to not wake when I put her down. I can’t co sleep because she will want the boob all night long and I just can’t get comfy that way no matter how many support pillows I use .

    • Hi Jamie — At 4 months old we don’t really call this “separation anxiety.” It is more about sleep routines and habits. These are very common sleep issues!!! There are entire chapters on your exact issues in The No-Cry Nap Solution. If you want to email me I can send you a few excerpts or check my website for these – nocrysolution.com

  3. My 2 yr 8 month old won’t sleep without me. I also have a 3 month old who needs me also. My 2 year old will wake up and come and jump in our bed. I don’t mind but it’s really cramped with the new baby also. She loves daddy but at night only mummy will do. Will she grow out of it ( I’ll probably be sad then

    • Hi Jenny – This is really common! Yes, she’ll grow out of it – but sometimes you are ready to re-claim your bed sooner than that! There is a chapter entitled “Night Visitor” in The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers & Preschoolers. You can find excerpts on my website at nocrysolution.com or email me and I’ll send some tips — elizabeth@pantley.com

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