The Power of Distraction: End Fussing, Whining or Bickering in 5 Seconds or Less!

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Children can easily be distracted when a new or more interesting activity is suggested. If your child is whining or fussing, try viewing it as an “activity” that your child is engaged in. Since children aren’t very good multi-taskers (they tend to focus on one thing at a time) you might be able to end the unpleasant activity with the recommendation of something different to do.

Ignore the fussing for a moment and offer a new activity. For example, if you’re in a grocery store and your child is fussing, get his attention and ask, “Can you pick out three nice, green apples for me?” If your children are fighting over the one red crayon in the box, ask who wants to go outside and play in the sandbox. If your toddler is melting down over the shape of his toast call his attention to the cat crossing the lawn outside. If what you’re offering sounds more fun than fussing, whining or bickering, then your children just might take you up on your offer and you can cross one unpleasant moment off your day.

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Distraction can be a wonderful parenting tool.

If you deal with every fuss and whine, every day,
you can make yourself crazy.

Instead, be willing to create a distraction from time to time to keep your sanity and peace in the . . . Hey look! A cat!

These tips are from The No-Cry Discipline Solution

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