The Lion King 3D: Is it Right for Your Child?

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The Lion King – I saw the movie in 3D and as an adult who loves the animated classic I enjoyed it immensely. The 3D makes you feel you could reach out and pet the soft lion cubs and the scenery is realistic and beautiful. The movie follows the original almost verbatim (adding a subtle but well done anti-bullying message). It’s a stunning movie – for adults and older children. But is is right for your child?

The Lion King movie is rated PG and that’s right on – I would definitely not take any little ones to see this version exactly because of the lifelike realism. The scene where Mufasa, the father lion falls to his death is terrifying, and when Simba the cub curls up to him crying, it is heartbreaking. Scar is a frightening, evil, manipulative uncle throughout the move (one whom Simba loves regardless of his sinister nature) – and of course he falls to his death, too. The hyenas and elephant graveyard scenes could be nightmare inducing for children. 

Every child is different, as are their experiences. Some 6 or 7 year old children might be okay with a movie like this, but others won’t be ready until age 8, 9 or even older. What else have your children seen and how have they responded? How do they respond to difficult scenes in other cartoons or movies? How sensitive are they in general? What is their history? (Obliviously, if they have lost a father or close family member, the death scenes could be traumatic.) Even two siblings can have different tolerance, so you need to make a fresh decision for each child. If in doubt – don’t go.

All that said – grab your partner, a friend – or an older child who handles movie violence well – and go enjoy this beautifully done CGI delight! There are many impressive scenes that display the majesty of Africa and sweet creatures that will steal your heart. (But leave your little ones at home.) 

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