Teach your Kids to Embrace the Rain

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I’m a fair-weather kind of girl. A few raindrops or a flurry of snowflakes and I head inside. I’ve always been that way, and I admit I’ve missed out on a few things because of it. When I became a mother, I decided to raise my kids to accept – and even enjoy – all kinds of weather. I invested in rain gear, snow boots and hats, and kept the kids warm and dry no matter the temperature.

With a ton of effort over the years, I’ve managed to raise four people (and now one grandchild!) who look at you sideways if you even suggest that weather gets in the way of outside activity. Rain, snow or sleet – they head outside to walk, hike, climb, camp and visit new places.

Encourage your kids to embrace all kinds of weather and their world will be much bigger.

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