Separation Anxiety Might Hit Hard When School Begins – Here’s How a Magic Bracelet Can Help

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Even if they’ve never showed it before, your child might suffer separation anxiety once school resumes. They’ve been home with the family, all their usual routines have changed, and for certain their school procedures will be different when they return. Many schools will adapt some sort of social distancing procedures – which may create more anxiety and fear in children. 

Here’s an idea that can ease the transition for your child and reduce their separation anxiety. It can work from preschool up to about third grade. 

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The Magic Bracelet for Separation Anxiety

What is the one thing that would completely eliminate separation anxiety? Eliminating the separation! If your child could take you to school, then all would be well! Since that is impossible, you can do the next best thing. You can provide your child with a memento that gives them a feeling of security and love when you are apart. Think of the Magic Bracelet as a portable you – albeit a you that is squashed, flattened and worn around your child’s wrist. 

Just as a stuffed animal lovey is a transitional object to help children feel secure when away from their parents at bedtime, the Magic Bracelet is a transitional object to help a child separate from you with confidence during the day. It is a tangible reminder of your love and care that can be worn easily all day long and carries with it a portable hug.

Your Child’s Magic Bracelet 

The first step to putting this idea into practice is to find the perfect bracelet for your child. The actual bracelet is not what’s important, it is the power that it holds, so any child-safe bracelet can work.

Make sure your child’s bracelet has no small parts that could be potential choking hazards for your child or younger friends or siblings. In addition, it should be:

  • Sturdy enough to stand up to playtime and heavy use
  • Easy for your child to put on and take off
  • A simple, unobtrusive style that can be worn for several months, or longer if necessary
  • Easy to replace if lost or broken

If you find that the bracelet becomes a cherished part of your little one’s separation confidence, you might want to order or make two more as back up, in case the original bracelet is lost or damaged. 

Once you have a second backup bracelet, rotate the two bracelets frequently. That way, one does not become “worn” or defaced in some way that makes it unique and thus absolutely irreplaceable in your child’s eye. Keep the second one hidden so your child doesn’t find it develop a bond to wearing two bracelets at the same time. 

Introduce Your Child to the Magic Bracelet

It is critically important for you to make a proper introduction of the bracelet to your child. This is not something to be thrust into their hands at a time when they are crying and watching you walk away. Such a beginning would likely create negative feelings about the bracelet and prevent any positive use. You will need to infuse the bracelet with loving “magic” before your child walks off with it happily on their wrist. 

Introduce the bracelet idea gently, lovingly and in a relaxed manner. It is better to take the time to warm your child up to the idea than to rush it or present it at the wrong time and destroy the opportunity to use this helpful tool. The first experience and presentation will set up the emotional connection between your child, the bracelet, and you, so take the time to orchestrate a beautiful beginning. 

Introduce the bracelet on a day at home when both you and your child are in a good mood and you are feeling connected. You may wish to wrap it up in wrapping paper and present it as a special gift. 

Depending on your child’s personality and your own opinion about things like the Easter Bunny, Santa and the Tooth Fairy you can either give the bracelet a “magic” quality or simply present it as a confidence building tool to make parting easier. Here’s how two different parents explained the gift to their children:

The Magic Bracelet

Mommy has something very special for you. This is a magic bracelet I got especially for you. This bracelet will help you feel better every day when you go to school. It will be almost like having a tiny, little Mommy to take to school with you! It can carry hugs and kisses and love. Anytime you need some love from me, you will have it right there on your wrist.

The Confidence Builder Bracelet

I know that it’s hard for you to leave me in the morning when you go to school. I got something special for you that I think will help you a lot. It’s called a Magic Bracelet because it helps kids feel better when they are away from home. It can remind you that I’m here and love you all the time.

Introduce a Magic Bracelet a week or two before school begins. And then send your child along with some portable hugs and reassurance. 

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For more tips on introducing and using the Magic Bracelet Idea see The No-Cry Separation Anxiety Solution book.

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