Pacifier Weaning: 7 Tips to Make It Easier

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Are you ready to start pacifier weaning for your child? Unless there is a specific reason that you must take away your child’s pacifier in a hurry, it’s best to do it slowly but surely. Here are a few ideas for getting the process going when you’re ready to start pacifier weaning.

pacifier weaning
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Here are 7 steps for pacifier weaning:

  • Try to choose a time when there are no other major changes happening in your child’s life, such as the birth of a sibling, potty-training, starting daycare or moving.
  • It can help to begin by making the pacifier scarce – except during critical times, such as when your child is hurt or falling asleep. 
  • Use distraction as your chief weapon during the day. When your toddler asks for her pacifier, first try to distract her: sing a song, give her a toy, or go for a walk to get her focused on something other than her sucking urge.
  • Gradually reduce your child’s use by keeping the pacifiers in her bed or only in certain areas of the house. Some families have a “no pacifiers downstairs” or “only in your bed or car seat” rule.
  • Give your child an alternative to help soothe her when she feels upset or tired. A cuddle, blanket, stuffed animal, or favorite toy may comfort her instead of the pacifier.
  • Establish new bedtime routines that are different from usual so that the cues for pacifier use aren’t as evident. For example, if your child typically is rocked with a paci, move your pre-bed routine to the sofa or bed instead. If she usually sucks during the bedtime story offer a sippy cup of water or teething toy instead.
  • Some older children embrace the idea of a “Pacifier Fairy.” She, of course, collects pacifiers left under the pillow by children who no longer need them and leaves wonderful toys behind in their place.

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