What Chores Can My Child Do?

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  1. My three year old like to fold wash cloths. It gives her something to do while I fold the rest of the laundry and she feels proud of herself. She is also a wizard with a swiffer.

    I will definitely initiate the chart idea, my older daughter loves checking things off and having a visual of her progress or efforts. I think this would be helpful in gaining her cooperation.

    I’m going to print this and let my oldest choose which appeal to her and decide which days she wants to do them. (So long as it is never.)


  2. Suggestion for another topic:
    Fun and educational things to do with your kids during summer. And or advice on structuring days to accommodate different developmental levels. We are struggling, my two-year-old is having difficulty adjusting to having her older sister around constantly, and my older daughter is missing the stimulation and challenge of school and I’m going a little nutty trying to fulfill everyone’s needs and maintain peace…

  3. My daughter (3) says “But I don’t want to” whenever I ask her if she would like to help me or if I tell her the books in her room need to be put away. When I insist, she starts a screamin match… any suggestions?

    • Hi Elisabeth! A three-year-old is VERY young for any regulary, daily chores. This is definitely a “training period.” Stick with simple, fun tasks – such as using a duster or feeding the cat. And don’t require it to be done every day. When you can, think of giving a choice: “Do you want to fill the cat’s food bowl, or put water in her water bowl?” When she gets older you can approach chores more seriously.

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