How to Make a Sibling Bed Work

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  1. I used to sleep in my brother’s bed all the time when I was growing up. Until he moved out to go to college and then when I would visit I would sleep in his bed.

    My boys share a bed now as well. I think it’s cute. They have bunk beds but 99% of the time they end up in just one bed for the night. It was a nice transition for them when they left my bed.

    • Awww. Such love between siblings of both generations. You are so lucky and blessed.

  2. Our five year old daughter just started sleeping with our six year son about a month ago. They have always been in the same bedroom, him in a full size and her in a toddler bed. She decided one day that she did not want to sleep in her toddler bed anymore, and wanted to sleep with him in his bed instead, so I hesitantly let them sleep together. After sleeping together for a couple of nights, he told me to just take her toddler bed out of their room, I giggled to myself because it was so cute. After a couple of weeks, when they were both at their first week of school full-time days (her in Kindergarten and him in First Grade), I took her toddler bed out of their room and put it out in the shed. I then rearranged the rest of the items in their room, and split his bed in half by putting his blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals on one side, and hers on the other. When they came home from school, they were both so happy about it, they’ve been sleeping comfortably together since.

    • Hi Bonnie – Thanks for sharing your sweet story. This is very common. And worldwide siblings are typically tossed into a big bed together! 🙂

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