What to do When Your Child won’t let you Leave the Room

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  1. Commenting on the “What to so when your child won’t let you leave the room” post…

    This is exactly where we’re at with our 6-month old daughter. She cries when she can’t see me; it gets worse when she’s tired. We’ve gotten to the point where even my partner can’t hold her at times. Slightly insulting for my partner…

    What can we do to get our daughter to enjoy being with other people? I do leave her with her grand-mothers at times, but it always ends with tears. When I come back, how can I act so that she doesn’t feel like I’m “rescuing” her from the other person? If I try to calm her just by talking to her, she just screams louper, until I pick her up.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Awww Genevieve – that’s because she loves you more than any other person in the whole wide world – and you are the person who makes her feel safe. If you are breastfeeding this makes the bond even more unique. If your partner spends less time with her than you, this is also normal. (More one-on-one time will help.) This will change with practice. Give her the love and reassurance she needs and leave her with people who understand that this is normal with babies and who will be gentle with her when she protests. Hugs to you all!

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