Is it OK for My Child to Snore?

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  1. My child just completed a sleep study due to snoring, sweating heavily at night and nasal issues constantly. It came back that he does have obstruction sleep apnea which is due to tonsils and adenoids. We are currently waiting to be seen by an ENT to confirm this is the issue. He is exposed to second hand smoke by his grandmother so I try to limit the exposure as much as I can but allergies run in our family so it is a given my 4 year old will suffer with them as well. Great read and hope it helps parents out there that are experiencing this issue.

    • Thank you for the feedback Kimberly! Lots of people think snoring is “cute” or normal – it’s important that we read this as a sign of a potential problem and get it fixed. Glad you followed your intuition and got your little one on the road to better sleep.

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