Change Your Baby’s Diaper without a Fight

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Babies live in an exciting world where there is a lot to discover and explore. They do not want to have to lie still even when their diapers are wet, messy, and surely uncomfortable. Babies can put up a great fight when you need to change their diapers – crying, fussing, or even trying to crawl away. This becomes a great source of frustration to parents, since it’s a basic hygiene issue that can’t be ignored, and it has to happen numerous times a day. All of this means that it can make your day happier to find a way to change your baby’s diaper without a fight.


A Pleasant Routine

Re-frame diaper changes as an opportunity for a positive bonding experience between you and your baby. You are face-to- face with your baby, which allows for perfect eye contact, communication, and bonding. Diapers changes must occur many times throughout the day, which forces you to take that time to slow down and have a few moments of quiet connection with your baby. Try thinking of it as a pleasant ritual rather than a maintenance issue or a nuisance.

A Learning Experience

While changing your baby’s diaper, tune in to your little one’s body language and learn more about the tiny human in front of you. Soak in your baby’s cues and signals, and you will learn more about how his body works – what tickles him, what makes him laugh, what gives him goose bumps, and how his body looks and moves. You can figure out what is normal for your baby, and it will keep you attuned to any changes that may need attention.


A Dose of Physical Touch

Babies crave physical touch, and your gentle care reassures her that she is respected and safe in this world. She can depend upon you to take care of her needs, and she can get used to a calm rhythm of diaper changes. Slowing down and creating a predictable diaper change routine is invaluable to both you and your baby.

A Teaching Experience

Your baby never stops learning – even during diaper changes. It is a rare time when he can see his own body without clothes, can feel complete movements without restrictions, and enjoy this freedom. Your baby will also be listening intently to your voice and watching your face closely. This allows him to focus on what you are saying and how you are saying it, which is crucial to speech development. You can also take the time to really listen to your baby’s budding language skills as well.




A New Perspective

Changing diapers may not be your favorite activity, and you may have been approaching it in a brisk, no-nonsense way. This approach is not fun for your baby, either – so there is going to be more fussing, wiggling, and crying. Reconnecting with your baby during diaper changes could turn a negative routine into a very enjoyable one.


A Time for Silliness

Blow raspberries, sing songs, count toes… play all of those silly baby games that bring a smile to both of your faces. Play silly games with the diapers – hide them on your head, use it as a puppet, or pretend the diaper talks to your child. I’m sure you can come up with a whole bunch of different, fun ways to keep diaper changing interesting and goofy. So enjoy!


This article contains ideas from The No-Cry Discipline Solution.