7 Things You Must Know for Bunk Bed Safety

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Here are 7 things you must know for bunk bed safety.

  • Never allow a child under six years of age to sleep in an upper bunk.
  • Make sure the mattress is the proper size for the bed and that there is no space between the mattress and headboard or footboard.
  • Use a bunk bed with high guard rails that surround the top level (all four sides) and that are screwed, bolted or otherwise firmly attached to the bed. If all sides are not protected add extra guards yourself. (Use those designed to accommodate this kind of use, such as fabric bolsters or additional boards, don’t use bed rails that require a box spring for stability.) Make sure your child cannot slip through the space between guard rails.
  • Do not place a bunk bed without side rails next to a wall as a child can become trapped between the two.
  • Make certain crossties under the mattress are secure and can’t fall to the bed below.
  • Purchase a bed with an easy-to-use ladder, and if possible, have your child try it out while you watch and gauge their ability to climb the ladder.
  • Teach children to use only the ladder to go up and down from the top bunk and to never jump from the upper bunk or throw things off the bed.
bunk bed safety
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