The Best Is Yet To Come

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As a mom of four young adults, I can tell you this. As precious as those tiny bundles are now, the best is yet to come.

Recently, I saw a lovely photo of a mother and baby and the quote was “you’ll never be this loved again.”

 At first I thought, Awww.

But then I said, Nope. You will just be loved DIFFERENTLY.

When my daughter drops by with my grandson for a bit, and ends up staying the whole day – that’s love.

When my daughter who lives out of state finds every excuse to visit home and doesn’t want to leave – that’s love.

When my son shows up at our house with his dog…his girlfriend…her dog…and they make us dinner – that’s love.

When my college son FaceTimes me frequently with a quick check in and a quirky story – that’s love.

When my kids attach note cards with sweet sentiments to 50 balloons that filled the room on my birthday – that’s love.

Yes, there is a special, precious love with your babies, but there is a heartwarming, deep, lifetime-inspired, and irreplaceable love you enjoy when your children are grown.

Parenting that builds connection – the kind you’re doing right now as a gentle parent to your young children – sets the stage for the years ahead. The best is yet to come.

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